Monday, October 5, 2015


Based off reference:  Kiyohiko Azuma

Based off reference: The Last of Us screenshot.

Reference: Skyrim screen shot.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Reflective Essay

I have no idea what I am doing, or if I am doing it correctly. Missing the first week of class threw me off a bit and the assignment took me all weekend to finish. The most irritating part was figuring out how to blog. I had troubles finding out how to post and how to upload my work. Although it took me a while I believe I posted everything correctly. When I began my research for reference photos my first instinct was video game level screenshots, I might as well practice making levels since that is what my career goal is. My art teachers have always told me if you want to pick up or learn a new style, copy that style until you realize what makes it different. That's what I attempted doing with my reference photos. I may have done the modeling incorrectly, I created almost everything from my references, then realized other students were only doing one building or structure. For the last one I will tone it down and do half of the photo. 

Learning how to use Maya was pretty simple, I just watched a couple tutorials and took notes. Still, I know a very limited amount of the program, but it gave me what I needed for the assignment. I didn't have a plan, but I did discover how to rotate objects which was interesting. I did have trouble with the lighting selections and definitely with changing perspective. I kept getting upside down or sideways, that got on my nerves. I am planning on watching more advanced videos as well as asking the class or my professor how to export the scene as a JPEG. I had to take screen shots then export it to a JPEG because I couldn't figure it out. Those were really the only problems I had with Maya, besides I don't know how to make a bridge or create doorways. That is my next learning goal.

Just about everything I learned from this project will be helpful throughout my long term career goals. As for my creative process, not so much, this is only because I rushed through all the steps so I could get all sections of the homework done. Usually I spend more time looking for good references or writing better reflective essays. Although, the video tutorials I watched were super helpful, that will become part of my process when working with Maya, and other programs I am unfamiliar with.

                                                         The Last of Us screenshot
                                                                  Naughty Dog 

Skyrim Screenshot





Tom Holliday

                 Kiyohiko Azuma